Securing cloud data while employees work from home


With the spread of COVID-19, today WHO declared it a pandemic. This has caused most businesses to reevaluate their business continuity plans and often add “Work from home” as a contingency option, which has caused IT and security teams to hastily deploy this capability for their organisation.

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Detexian at Maryland RSA pitch competition


bwtech@UMBC and the Maryland Department of Commerce, invites you to see Detexian deliver a three minute product pitch at RSA.

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Detexian at RSA Conference 2020


How do you help business teams use their SaaS securely at all times?

Come hear Detexian’s unique take on SaaS security

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What is a good baseline SaaS Security Policy?


At Detexian, we often get asked “What is a good baseline SaaS Security Policy?”. This is a question we’re always up to answer. In fact, helping people with this is one of the reasons we exist!

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