How has your Information Security Policy coped with the rise of SaaS solutions?


As we roll into 2020 many people are pausing to reflect on 2019, what they achieved personally, professionally and setting goals for 2020.

Now would also be a time to consider “Have our Information Security Policy and Standards stood the test of time, are they appropriate for SaaS solutions?”.

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Putting the user first for better cybersecurity


At Detexian, we listen and put the user first in the decision to build our security product. "Too many clicks to get to anything, and anything is lack luster" is endemic in the industry.

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Worried about Slack users in your organization slacking off on data security? Find out how to gain visibility without the need to upgrade to Slack Plus or Enterprise.


As we come to the end of 2019, it’s time to reflect on what was a monster year for Slack: over half of the Fortune 100 use their product, they broke through the 10 million active daily users barrier and they had their IPO in June.

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You got good security hygiene for core, centrally managed SaaS solutions. What about those not centrally managed and spread across different business teams?


This picture is all the bullet holes found in allied planes that survived bombing runs in WWII. The logical thought was to fortify all the areas that had been hit by bullets, an American statistician asked the question? Where are there bullets that would have hit the blank places on the planes? The answer? Those were in the planes that DIDN'T survive to return to base.

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