Have you configured your SaaS solutions correctly?


Have you configured your SaaS solutions correctly? Misconfiguring SaaS such as not enforcing Multi-factor authentication can expose your sensitive data to account takeover/impersonation breaches. If you are a modern organization using hundreds of SaaS solutions, eliminating misconfiguration is a must to protect your crown jewels.

Gartner has identified misconfiguration as the No.1 cause of cloud data breaches and urged companies to prioritize investment in tools to proactively identify this risk. Choosing the right tooling can reduce incidents by 80% and save you time in improving SaaS security hygiene.

Find out how Detexian can identify SaaS security misconfigurations in less than an hour.

  • Are my critical SaaS solutions running and available?
  • Are there any changes in privilege access?
  • Are there any exceptions to the rules?

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