How do you detect unauthorized or accidental transfer of data outside organizational boundaries?


According to the Ponemon’s “Cost of a data breach report 2019”, 24% of data breaches are due to human error. The native Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls built into G Suite, Office 365 and other SaaS solutions provide significant protection and detection controls to reduce the risk of human error.

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Are your crown jewels exposed?


Detexian co-founder/CEO wrote an op-ed for CSO Online asking the questions “What’s your most critical business data? And do you really know where it all is and whether the controls and protection you have in place are adequate?”

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How to protect your organization’s data in a multi-cloud world?


You’re in a multi-cloud world even if you don’t realise it. Detexian co-founder/CTO, Adrian Kitto, on how to protect your organization's data in a multi-cloud world.

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How do you detect when your staff are forwarding sensitive data externally or when a mailbox has been compromised?


In a modern cloud-based business, messaging is critical. Your staff often want to be able to use any device from any location to send and receive email; and if it’s not an option, they will create auto-forwarding to get around the rules to their personal accounts which offer this flexibility.

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